Its Jack PiigBox – the reveal

So the cat is out of the bag, the black PiigBox I’ve recently built was for Jack. If you follow his channel, you’ll see it in his latest video. if you don’t, why not? go and check him out now.

Jack has built an amazing following over the last year with his engaging youtube vlogs and insta reels. It’s been great watching his channel grow and watch his van life journey, and trips around the country with Mamba fpv.

Watching Jack in his van, and flying in the field and bandos, I knew PiigBox would fit into his life…

So go check out his video now.

If you’ve got any questions, give me a shout, I’m human! Ask about colours, finish, logos, graphics. It’s YOUR PiigBox..

A new PiigBox is born – Welcome Piiglet

Piiglet is a brand new Piigbox product. Using the same quality components used in big brother PiigBox models, but with just 1 speaker driven by a dedicated 1 x 60W Sure amp. It’s full of clever trickery which blends the stereo signal and spits out a massive punch to the 1 speaker.

I promised a Combustible Lemon theme, and you got it. This build had 4 objectives: 1) Showcase the new design 2) Showcase my new vinyl cutting service 3) Showcase our new airbrushing aging 4) Becasue I wanted a Portal 2 themed PiigBox…

So if you’re looking for an even more cost effective bluetooth speaker which will last forever on a full charge, plus the ability to charge your phone, cameras etc… then piick up a Piiglet…..