Maker Disclaimer

I’m a maker. I’m not a big time seller. Please understand that everything I sell is hand made by a hobbyist.

I haven’t set out to make loads of cash, just cover my costs and offer a good value product which will give you service for years to come.

I’m excited to be offering Piigbox, and maybe building one for you.

I take pride in every one I make, and hope that this shows in the finished product. But please remember it’s not being made in a factory, workshop, or studio. It’s been made in my kitchen, or decking if it’s warm enough. It will be painted outside on a bit of cardboard, and I’ll more than likely get shouted at for spraying the patio too 🤣

I’m setting out to offer value for money using cost effective quality gear. But if I can pass on savings to you, I will. One example is the feet I choose to use. I now 3d print them rather than buy off the shelf. I pass the saving onto you, and include 6 spare with each Piigbox.

Above all, and in summary, I’m a bloke who enjoys making stuff, and I want to make stuff for you. So drop me an email and I’ll make yours for YOU…

Profits from each sale go straight into Murphy