Naked Piig

Naked Piig
Naked Piig – ready to paint

After a week struck down by Covid, it was was time to crack on with a customer order. So this one is now ready for priming ahead of colour. This one is going to be in a stunning Ford Wildtrack Orange with a black splatter, finished off with a matt clear coat.

PiigBox IO
Piig IO – Sounds and Charge version

This is a PiigBox ‘Sounds & Charge’, so it’s gettng an XT60 IO – it can be used to run your Lipo charger in the field, or charge the internal battery pack when you’re back at base.

The USB socket is a dual quick charge 3.0 12volt unit with over-load, over-voltage protection. Uses IC to ensure your devide gets the correct voltage and current to keep you topped up.
The socket at the bottom is for the supplied 2A Lithiun-ion charger.

Piigs in the wild


A great Sunday session in Sheffield with Josh & Paul. We’ve only flown a couple of times before at ‘The Kilns’, which we’ve named the arse end of Loxley brickworks. It’s a god-awful shit hole of a place in the summer, but it’s a different level of crap when there’s water flowing through it and everything’s under water. Well, everywhere you’d want to fly.

Anyway, PiigBox 1 went along for the trip and entertained us with a Spotify ‘Brits Awards’ playlist. I’m flying along minding my own business and I noticed a pig in my peripheral! “Photo op” I shouted!

Paul was impressed with the paintjob, and it got me thinking about the next ‘showcase’ paintjob. I’m thinking a Ukrainian flag themed. So I think I’m going to create a ‘Shop Stock’ model with custom paint just incase someone wants a PiigBox in a rush 😝

Packed and ready

20 amp hour pack ready for action

More 3d printed parts added to the tool kit. 21700 3×4 holders and custom covers dispensing the need for rolls of sticky tape and heat shrink.

This pack is ready for first charge and discharge cycle testing. Then it’s off to a customer 👍🏻

Your colours

Included in the price of your Piigbox is a paint job. So you can have your colours.

Now I’m not a painter, but I try my best to get the best finish I can. So as long as it’s not a crazy complicated idea, I should be able to give you something awesome and unique.

Why bother?

Well. The ammo cans are brand new stock, so don’t ‘need’ painting, but when you start cutting holes in for speakers, they need a bit of touching up. So they need paint anyway.

Having said all that, I’m designing a speaker grommet to go around the holes for anyone wanting to keep the original colour and writing. It will become an even cheaper Piigbox option. Winner winner piig dinner…

New Piigbox options

I’ve been thinking of different options for Piigbox and have decided to offer two distinct products with great value price points. ‘Sounds & Charge’, a ‘Full Monty’ pack, with a 20Ah pack, capable of charging your lipos in the field. Or go for ‘Sounds’ package with a smaller 3.5Ah pack.

So look out for each in the store soon…..