A new PiigBox is born – Welcome Piiglet

Piiglet is a brand new Piigbox product. Using the same quality components used in big brother PiigBox models, but with just 1 speaker driven by a dedicated 1 x 60W Sure amp. It’s full of clever trickery which blends the stereo signal and spits out a massive punch to the 1 speaker.

I promised a Combustible Lemon theme, and you got it. This build had 4 objectives: 1) Showcase the new design 2) Showcase my new vinyl cutting service 3) Showcase our new airbrushing aging 4) Becasue I wanted a Portal 2 themed PiigBox…

So if you’re looking for an even more cost effective bluetooth speaker which will last forever on a full charge, plus the ability to charge your phone, cameras etc… then piick up a Piiglet…..

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