Piigs in the wild


A great Sunday session in Sheffield with Josh & Paul. We’ve only flown a couple of times before at ‘The Kilns’, which we’ve named the arse end of Loxley brickworks. It’s a god-awful shit hole of a place in the summer, but it’s a different level of crap when there’s water flowing through it and everything’s under water. Well, everywhere you’d want to fly.

Anyway, PiigBox 1 went along for the trip and entertained us with a Spotify ‘Brits Awards’ playlist. Iā€™m flying along minding my own business and I noticed a pig in my peripheral! “Photo op” I shouted!

Paul was impressed with the paintjob, and it got me thinking about the next ‘showcase’ paintjob. I’m thinking a Ukrainian flag themed. So I think I’m going to create a ‘Shop Stock’ model with custom paint just incase someone wants a PiigBox in a rush šŸ˜

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