Naked Piig

Naked Piig
Naked Piig – ready to paint

After a week struck down by Covid, it was was time to crack on with a customer order. So this one is now ready for priming ahead of colour. This one is going to be in a stunning Ford Wildtrack Orange with a black splatter, finished off with a matt clear coat.

PiigBox IO
Piig IO – Sounds and Charge version

This is a PiigBox ‘Sounds & Charge’, so it’s gettng an XT60 IO – it can be used to run your Lipo charger in the field, or charge the internal battery pack when you’re back at base.

The USB socket is a dual quick charge 3.0 12volt unit with over-load, over-voltage protection. Uses IC to ensure your devide gets the correct voltage and current to keep you topped up.
The socket at the bottom is for the supplied 2A Lithiun-ion charger.

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