Primed and ready…

Primed PiigBox

PiigBox comes alive once it’s painted. It’s no longer just an old tin can. It’s a tin can with holes in 🤣

Each PiigBox improves on the last, and one area I wanted to focus on was to make sure the speaker holes and nice and neat. The latest can has been sanded and primed and sanded back ready for another prime layer before final sanding and top coat.

One big challenge is to get colour to stick to the chrome grills. So I’m on the look out for painted grills for future builds.

Anyway, back to current build. This sweet beast is shop stock, so it’s getting a beautiful blue, which I’ll share once it’s finished.

Ohhh, it’s going to to have a 4S power plant too. So should be fine with all lipo chargers. Or just power your sounds for days…

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