PiigBox – ‘Sounds and Charge’


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Our standard ‘Go To’ product is built into a Nato \ British Army 50 cal ammo can. The steel M2A1 ammunition can was introduced during the 1950s to hold link belts of 100 cartridges of .50 cal. ammunition for the M2 Browning machine gun.

When you see how they’re constructed, it’s no wonder they make an ideal platform for a portable thumping bass speaker system.

PiigBox really is a 2 trick pig. On one hand, it’s a hifi class bluetooth speaker, on the other, a field charging solution built around a high capacity lithium-ion pack.


  • High end SURE Bluetooth amp  – 2 x 50W – With volume control
  • 160W 4″ XTC Series 2-Way Coaxial Speaker System, Glass Fibre Cone, Directional Rotary Tweeter
  • Lithium ion battery pack – made to order from new 21700 high capacity cells with battery management board

  • Input Output panel with voltage meter, switch, XT60 socket, USB sockets – for charging mobile devices, and connecting to external chargers (not included)
  • Your PiigBox, your colour – either get in touch and ask about colours and finish, or I’ll ask when you order

Battery Pack Options:

  • 3S – 12V pack – 20aH – 12 x 5aH packs 3S4P
  • 4S – 16V pack – 15aH – 12 x 5aH packs 4S3P
  • 6S – 24V pack – 8aH – 12 x 4aH packs 6S2P

Package includes:

  • PiigBox bluetooth speaker
  • 12 cell lithium-ion battery pack
  • Lithium-ion charger
  • Set of spare feet
  • Spare fuse


  • Weight: 4.12Kg
  • Dimmensions: 300x150x190mm

Each PiigBox is made to order so please allow for this when you order. You’ll receive an email giving you an estimated delivery date and you’ll be updated through creation process…

Price includes DHL next working day delivery


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