PiigBox ‘Power Plant’ – 12V 20Ah




Just looking for a field charging solution without the bluetooth speaker? Just pick up the PiigBox Power Plant.

20Ah battery pack built around 12 * 21700 lithium ion cells. Each cell offering a ‘massive’ 5000mAh capacity! We use 21700 because you get a much better capacity and they’re only slightly bigger than the more common 18650 cells.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, we ONLY use brand new, branded cells.

Packs are built with custom printed parts and cells are spot welded up with nickel strips. Finished off with a 30A battery protection board which does what it says on the box, protects again over charging, over discharge, over current. All cells are checked and balanced before being built, so no balance leads to worry about. Just use, charge, repeat….


  • 12V – 20Ah Lithium ion battery pack
  • Cells: 3S 4P
  • Nominal voltage per cell 3.6V
  • Charged voltage per cell 4.2V
  • BMS cut off 2.5V
  • Discharge: 14.4A Max Continuous per cell
  • BMS rating 30A continuous 60A burst
  • Weight: 820g
  • Dimmensions: 101x71x80mm
  • Supplied with XT60 – if you require different the please ASK!

Please ensure your battery charger will charge Lithium Ion packs without balance leads.
2A charger with XT60 socket coming soon in the store…
Packs are made to order – please allow time for build and pressure testing.

Price includes DHL next working day delivery


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